Alternate Reality Mars! Without the security system...

Alternate Reality Mars was where LPTPW's storyline really took off, as well as being Yoshifan314 and Spypire's main base. Many beautiful battles were held here until Yoshifan temporarily left the thread.

Discovery Edit

One day, Yoshifan got bored and decided to explore the multiverse. Unfortunately, his portal opener's batteries died somewhere around Alternate Reality #102 (where Kotaro doesn't exist). He managed to crash-land on a desolate planet, which ended up being Mars...



Since Yoshifan couldn't escape Mars without his teleporter, he used an abandoned warehouse and random materials to build a highly advanced science lab. Kotaro, in a blissful state over Yoshifan's apparent death, got wind of the lab and rallied his evil army to destroy it forever.

Yoshifan anticipated Kotaro's plans and built an advanced security system, consisting of multiple force fields, lazors, and motion detectors. Kotaro managed to evade this first line of defense and land a few minor hits until Yoshifan teleported him to the Bieberverse(Alternate Reality #6969), giving Yoshifan crucial time to upgrade and invent new weapons. Kotaro returned, and the final battles began...

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