Baby Luigi II
Baby Luigi II
Name Baby Luigi II
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends LolHorse, Crazy, Ace, Yoshifan
Enemies The Kongs
Introduced in March 2013


Baby Luigi II, along with his brother, Baby Mario II, was in The Flopside Pit of 100 Trials because Mario and Luigi were busy making renovations to their house, Peach was busy taking taxes and planning a defense system to prevent Bowser from entering Toad Town, and Bowser was making plans to eliminate Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.

They came across a pair Magickoopa, who they killed immediately, and took their wands. They casted an enhancing intellect spell, and they became geniuses. They eventually came across a strange Koopa, with an indestructible rainbow-colored shell, wings, and a sash containing miniature red shells, blue shells, and green shells. They knew this peculiar Koopa meant well, so they finished the pit together.

When they were finished, the Koopa revealed that his name is Crazy, and he has a team of creatures who go through life together. Crazy took them to their dwelling and that's when Baby Luigi II met LolHorse, Yoshifan314, and, their leader, Kotarō.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

• Fire - Casts fire to desired target

• Ice - Casts ice to desired target

• 600 IQ Points - Twice as smart as Dr. Ivo Eggman

• Item Spam - Spam MK items much like a hacker

• Star - Casts electricity to desired target

• Pet Power - Uses Crazy7 (cat) and Ace (dog) to attack intruders

• Time Control

• Breaking Laws of Physics - Uses magic to break laws of physics


• Very argumentative

• Kind

• Mean when someone deserves

• Intelligent


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Would you rather change gender every time you sneezed or be unable to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?

—Baby Luigi II

Now let's see if we can aim one straight down Funky's throat. >:3

—Baby Luigi II

Potato Haze reminds me of POTato. D:

—Baby Luigi II


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