"That One Guy"
Name Crazy
Sex Straight
Sex Male
Age 13
Species Unknown
Friends Kotaro, Koki, Pokeman, Chibi
Enemies Pikeys
Introduced in January 7th, 2013


Crazy joined the Mario Kart Wii Forums on January 7th, 2013, and joined the Last Person To Post Wins thread soon after. Unlike the majority, Crazy's first post was not "I win" or something of the like. He seemed to fit in right away with all the nutcases there, and has made a lot of fantastic friends there.


Crazy is a very strange and weird person, but also very kind and caring. He is very corageous, and is never afraid in battle. He is also very clever, and assesses the enemy to find their weaknesses before attacking. He can also be a bit of a heartthrob, and has many fangirls.


Crazy is an extremely sexy and hot looking person. All there is to say on the matter really.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Crazy has many great abilities, though no particular powers.

  • Strength - With his "Mega-Mussels" Crazy can out power any opponent. One punch from him can send you around 2m up into the air, and you can land up to 15m away.
  • Guitar - With his fantastic guitar playing skills, Crazy can soothe a persons brain in battle, and stop them from attacking him.
  • Knowledge - Despite being very stupid at times, Crazy is very smart, and can assess his enemies to find their weaknesses. There is probably a grammar error somewhere in here to prove his point.


  • He owns one of the galaxies of the world.
  • He is currently doing Grade 4 Rock Guitar.
  • His base has been attacked many times by Kotarō. Fortunately, all attempts so far have been unsuccessful.
  • His 4 best friends on the forums are Kotarō, Koki, Pokeman and Chibi.


  • January 7th - Crazy joined the forums.
  • November 17th - Crazy's birthday.
  • December 25th - Christmas day.


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