Dark Piki
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Evil lurks in the shadows...
Name Dark Piki
Sex Genderless
Species Darkrai; Piki's DNA
Occupation Covering the universe in darkness
Friends Anyone evil
Enemies Piki (Hugely), Master Spaz (For defeating him), everyone on LPTPW.
Introduced in 2012
Dark Piki is an antagonist of LPTPW, and Piki's dark self. One of incredible intelligence, wisdom, power, and strength, Dark Piki wants to throw the universe in darkness, and one day render the MarioKartWii Forums unusable forever. Not exactly as evil as most villians should be (I mean, it's just some random thread on a gaming website), but for the LPTPWers, it's as evil as evil can be.


Vs. Piki

Dark Piki was once a Darkrai named Darnan, who hoped to use the Shadow Crystal to rule the universe in complete darkness. However, he knew that Piki would be a threat to him. Countless times he tried to kill and dispose of Piki, but all times Darnan tried ended in failure, but with the ending result of Piki's friends sacificing their lives to save Piki (whom where all revived later). Later in the Dark Grindery, Darnan stole Piki's DNA, causing Darnan to transform into a Dark version of Piki. He then proceeded to Prozon's Mt. Judge to kill Arceus and go near the center of the Galaxy, where he would start his Shadow Fumes. He was almost successful in killing Arceus. but Arceus was healed slighlty by Marinoa's ( A Manaphy ) Aqua Ring, thus avoiding death. He then proceeded to the center of the Galaxy. But Piki arrived just in time to stop Darnan, using the Catalyst Blade, and defeated Dark Piki. Dark Piki was then seen being hurled towards the Earth.

Vs. Master SpazEdit

In 2012, after recooperating from the huge descent from the center of the galaxy, Dark Piki found out about the Mario Kart Wii forums, hearing Piki had made his home there. At one point he went on to try and destroy the LPTPW thread, because Piki had made a home there. However, Piki was quickly notified and went to use the Catalyst Blade against Dark Piki, but with no hope. But then Master Spaz showed up. Piki then told Master Spaz to "chuck the sword at my dark self." Because of his expertise in swords, Master Spaz was successful, and Master Spaz then proceeded to defeat Dark Piki, breaking the Shadow Crystal in the process. Since then, Dark Piki has been planning to attack LPTPW, and kill all of the people there, but now he is lurking as a guest, gathering information on Master Spaz's weakness.