Name Furby
Sex Female
Age 18
Species Furbies
Occupation FTL Hacker (retired), Hunting Props, Shooting Lemons
Friends Crazy7, LolHorse, Flare, Glace, many more in TF2
Enemies None
Introduced in April 2013


Furby, also known as FurbyTehGamer and Furby12435vr in the past, joined the Mario Kart Wii forums in early March 2013 and is the founder of the clan [L] Llamas! This clan was created in early April 2013.

Furby's favorite item in MKW were Fake Item Boxes or FIB

Furby started FTL hacking in the summer of 2012 and continued FTL hacking 'till May 16 2014, 4 days before the Wi-Fi shutdown. After the shutdown Furby quit Mario Kart Wii permanently (as said by Furby), however Furby came back to play Mario Kart Wii again in April 2014, but Furby plays rarely. Furby also started playing TF2 Prop Hunt on May 30 2014 and continues playing even in 2017. Furby also plays MegaMan 8-Bit Deathmatch since 2016.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In Mario Kart Wii, Furby had the ability to hack whenever she needed to, Furby would race legit with her hacks "hidden" until a hacker enters the world wide.

In TF2 Prop Hunt, she currently has the ability to switch interpolation settings between the best possible interpolation (which matches her ping) and the worst interpolation (having 500 milliseconds of delay), when Furby has the best interpolation, Furby has Hax or Flare Hax (as she calls it), unless Furby plays as Soldier, having the worst interpolation is called Soldier Hax.


In the past Furby was a nice, silly, funny and outgoing, yet shy person, however she would hate anyone that hated her or her friends.

Currently Furby is an easygoing and still shy person who does not enter wars or fights. She likes to say "So Happy!" (based off of NintendoCapriSun's Yoshi So Happy) a lot since it's her mood 90% of the time.


That sounds like robots fapping


The year is 20XX. Everyone plays as Market Gardening Soldiers at TAS levels of perfection. Because of this, the winning team in a round depends solely on ping priority. The RPS metagame has evolved to ridiculous levels due to it being the only remaining factor to decide matches.


I did it



  • Furby's VR number 12435 was originally going to be 12345, however when editing the VR codes, she converted the number 12345 into hex which is 3039, but she accidentally put it in as 3093 which ended up switching the 4 and 3 thus making 12435 VR, and since then Furby was too lazy to change it.
  • Furby has never played Funky Kong or Rosalina in Mario Kart Wii.
  • Furby's favorite track is N64 Bowser's Castle.