Ninja vampire bunny

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The Koopa lab, created by Crazy7, is where the entire forces of Koopas create their weapons, used to slaughter enemies. Many weapons have been created here, from artillery bombs to boomerswords (boomerangs made with sword material). The lab equips many armies with weapons that can destroy any entity, and is the birthplace of Crazy7's bomb to destroy the world of evil, part of his scheme to make the world good.

Main Weapons CreatedEdit

Detonator: If you hit the correct place, this bomb can blow up the Earth.

Boomersword: A boomerang made from sharp metal that cuts through the air and slices straight through anything in its path.

The Big Bang: Before the universe was created, Koopas lived in this lab with 1 aim: to create life. They created the Big Bang, and that is why we're alive today.

Flirt-then-bang: A robot designed to flirt with the enemy , before self-destructing and blowing up anything within 10 metres.

Ninja Vampire Bunnies: Bunnies abducted(and had their blood sucked) by vampires. The vampires sent them through stealth training: If they could bite 10 people without being seen, they could join the elite ranks of ninja vampire bunnies. Crazy7's personal favourite creation.

Love Gun: A gun that makes whoever it hits love you. Very useful in battles so you can shoot them then slaughter them while they're in love with you.

Dedli Precishon cats: A certain type of cat that has ultimate precision and never misses its target. A very special kind of ninja cat

Brainwasher: A device currently being worked on to control the minds of all in the multiverse

More will be added later.

Weapon ImagesEdit