Pinkie Pie Lurk

Lurking at it's finest.

The act of watching the LPTPW thread in invisible mode or as a guest. This is punishable by a trip to the moon!


Lurking on the thread has been going on since the August of 2011, where the neverending story of LPTPW.

People from all over come to marvel at the thread's glory.

Lurking is, and always has been, unappreciated by the LPTPW group, as anyone who is in the thread should talk, under the law of rule #823, must be punished if caught.

This is a crime due to the lack of activity involving the thread in recent times.

Rule #823Edit

Lurking is fine (who doesn't want to spy on this thread?), but only if you're in invisible mode. You'll be mentioned and forced to post if we catch you!