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Piki and his brother, Pekan
Name Piki
Sex Ungendered
Species Pikachu
Occupation Protecting Prozon with the Catalyst Blade
Friends Many LPTPW's
Enemies Dark Piki, hypocrites
Introduced in 2012
Piki is a minor protagonist in LPTPW. After going in and out of the Mario Kart Wii Forums throughout 3 years, Piki has decided to make his home in LPTPW. Piki has several powers and abilities that outperform any Pikachu. He currently is helping out by keeping Dark Piki, an antagonist of LPTPW, out of the thread.


Piki joined the Mario Kart Wii forums on September 21st, 2009. At first, Piki was interested in making threads, but became inactive. He came back to the site, but then he left. This trend continued until he heard about Mario Kart 7, which is when he got more active. During that time frame, he joined a clan called Ecstasy, but he lasted until September, where he quit. He then formed the MK7 clan known as Neon, but it only lasted for 3 months due to his inactivity. After being inactive, he came back on in July 2012, where he discovered the LPTPW thread. After trying to figure the thread out for 8 months, he decided to make his new home in the wonderful world of LPTPW.


Piki tends to look for the good inside others. Piki is very cautious, proving useful when navigating a cave that could be booby-trapped. Piki will sometimes quote various terms used on the reailty show, COPS. Piki is always looking for justice for those who have been victimized. However, Piki can be hypocritical at times, and sometimes doesn't want to fight because Piki tries to find a better nonviolent way, confirming Piki is somewhat of a pacifist.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike other Pikachu, who can only use Electric and other various moves, Piki can use some very odd abilites. He can use Fire type attacks. This can be useful when a swarm of bugs comes upon LPTPW. Piki can also use Ice type attacks. This means Piki can make it snow. Like other Pikachu, Piki can use Electric Attacks. Due to an event back in Prozon, Piki can control the weather.  Piki also has learned the ability to use the elements of the Earth due to the Seven Treasures. 


"Out of all the idiots in this world, I think you're the one idiot who found out you weren't an idiot."


"Let me see your weapons. Don't worry! They'll be super-upgraded."


"My question to you: Whatcha gonna do when Sheriff Yoshi Spaz come for you?"


"False wording. Post #131314. $13 penalty. Yoshifan314 gets a cupcake and you have to do 100 push-ups."


"No. Just no."


"You've met with a terrible post haven't you?"


"Takaski is brutally honest. But my brutally dead."


"My school is stupid to have this site unblocked when there's an ARCADE which are GAMES."


"You have the right to remain postilent."



  • Piki is the only Pikachu to be Notch-Eared.
  • Many speculate that Piki hacked a Thunderstone as a Notch-Eared Pichu.
  • Piki is the only ungendered Pikachu.
  • Piki, unlike other Pikachu, can talk, similar to Meowth in the anime.
  • Sometimes Piki will intentionaly upgrade one's weapon with no charge, like in one instance Piki upgraded Master Spaz's Master Sword to where it can do 1-hit kills on any person, yet he asked for nothing in return.
  • Piki has a dark self, but it is in the form of a Darkrai.
  • Piki owns the Race Hackers thread, where users can report Race Hackers.
  • Piki is the owner of the Catalyst Blade, a Blade that can control weather, the elements of the Earth, and allow the owner to breathe in space.