My WR! MINE!!!
Name Sam
Sex Male
Species Mii
Occupation Keeping the MG WR
Friends Kotaro(at times), Yoshifan, Choco, Miiryder
Enemies Kotaro(at times)
Introduced in 2011

Sam, aka. TheSam, joined this thread back when he joined the site in 2011. Back then, the thread was just 'win' or 'I win'. He was very active when the randomness started. He retired from the thread in 2012 (Summertime), but has recently made a comeback. He has one of the biggest wins with 6 hours and 2 mins, after which Chocolateluvr posted at. He is the founder of the 'nib' meme; He ment to say nub, but tyoped and hilarity ensued.




"-runs away-"


"CJT stop killing me or i will kill Choco!"







He is the most ignored (most likely)

He has the most awards ( VIP, MKW WR, MKW former WR, 10000 races and Profile Magnet)

He still hasn't realized that nobody cares about awards.

He has been killed the most, most of them coming from Kotaro.