SuperSonicMKW (formerly themkwkid0)
Name SuperSonicMKW (formerly themkwkid0)
Sex Male
Age 12
Species (Super) Hedgehog
Enemies None (yet)
Introduced in August 2012
Latest appearance Left the forums once in January 2013,

came back in April 2013


In Summer 2012, SuperSonicMKW finally got internet on his Wii (thanks to his big brother) and disovered the forums. After a long while, he found the LPTPW thread. His first post was "The winner is: me!" although it's not sure if this really was his first post.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Chaos Emeralds: A set of seven gems that can grant vast amounts of power to their wielder.
  • Diamond Baseball Bat: A baseball bat made out pure diamonds.


He has a nice, quiet personality although he can be a bit weird sometimes due to the fact that he has Asperger. This was very noticeable at the beginning, but after his return to the forums, it's only at rare times.


My school tastes like Math.

—SuperSonicMKW, LPTPW

Let‛s call this thread: ‛The Random Place of Nonsense‛.

—SuperSonicMKW, LPTPW


—SuperSonicMKW, LPTPW


  • Unlike other Posters, he uses his Wii and 3DS more often than the PC to go to the forums.
  • He is the only member that has Asperger.
  • His second Ask Me was closed because everyone asked about his love/hate for Amy Rose, making him an Amy Rose hater.
  • SuperSonicMKW's avatar
  • SuperSonicMKW's second avatar
  • Chaos Emeralds
  • His MK7 license
Sonic R Soundtrack "Super Sonic Racing"

Sonic R Soundtrack "Super Sonic Racing"

A music track from Sonic R