Telma's Bar is... well, a bar, located in Hyrule. Due to the recent innovations in dimensional teleporting in the LPTPW universe, it is frequently visited by the LPTPW veterans.

Telma's Bar

Telma's bar

Telma's Bar
Ranging from 1 to 25
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Role in LPTPWEdit

As the only bar the universe of Last Person To Post Wins knows of, Telma's Bar plays a crucial role. It is one of the few places that aren't ravaged by war or battle, allowing one to enjoy some peace and quiet. It also serves some of the best beer ever, making the bar a hotspot for local Hylians and dimension traveling thread-goers alike.


  • Master Spaz is one of the bar's main funders. At times, he has considered converting the bar into a Skyloft Resorts motel.
  • Telma, like most bartenders, has advice giving skills on par with most psychologists and motivational speakers.
  • Master Spaz and Spartan Vader are the most frequent customers there. As such, they are usually drunk.
  • The bar serves more then just alcoholic beverages. They also do milkshakes, smoothies, soda, and for the kiddies, chocolate milk.