Can Someone Who Can Actually Remember How To Use This Site Edit This Please, I Just Copied It From Spaz's Post.

Like anywhere, this place has rules. All standard forum rules apply, as well as the following rules that are exclusive to this thread. Please note that there are millions of rules that are not listed, and ae totally not made up on the spot by myself:

Rule #53: If you decide to not post and simply lurk this thread, you must either be invisible or logged out. Doing neither whilst lurking will result in you being sat on by all the current posters.

Rule #123: Food fights are allowed as long as you don't throw any liquid or sticky foods. Especially sticky liquids.

Rule #314: When you and other LPTPWer's are role playing in competitive ways, you must never cheat or play unfairly. For instance, use of overpowered abilities or weapons. e.g. Teleportation and any sniper rifle from the Call of Duty franchise. Doing so will get you banned from the thread for 5 minutes if a Super Moderator is present. In any other situation, you'll get a message saying "OMG HACKZ UR NU FUUN".

Note: This rule applies solely to Kotaro.

Rule #890: All groups, fandoms, and religions are to be treated equally. This includes, but is not limited to:

Gearheads (the Gears of War kind, not the car kind), Gleeks, Trekkies, Potterheads, Bronies, Furries, the kind of kid that plays nothing but CoD all day screaming at everybody like a little girl, Mario Kart Wii FTL hackers, people that prefer strawberry milk over chocolate milk, fans of Sonic fanfiction (as long as it's safe for work), Dreamy Luigi and newbies, Spartans, Otakus, and Tumblr addicts.

The only exceptions are Irate Gamer fanboys and Hardcore Mario Kart clanners, which are basically the same thing.

Rule #1337: Saying things such as "I win" or variations of such an inane phrase is heavily looked down upon. Doing so multiple times in a matter of minutes will get you banned from the thread for a whole second.