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Name Jaden
Sex Male
Species Human, Pokémon Trainer
Occupation Pokémon Battler
Friends Pokémon
Enemies Not Pokémon
Introduced in 2012
Latest appearance 2013



Troopah is a Pokemon Fan who comes from the region of Unova. His hometown is Aspertia City and he has travelled all over every single region, catching many Pokemon on the way. Troopah found the LPTPW thread on his travels and has been a contributer since.


Troopah is a laid-back person who enjoys jokes, except when they are against him. He can be outgoing sometimes but other times he is not. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Troopah is immune to lasers and death. Troopah has the power to send out whatever Pokemon he chooses for battle. Troopah's weapons include:

  • Golden Cages - Troopah's go-to item for trapping people and locking them up.
  • Flaw-Inducing Ray - A ray gun that can inflict flaw upon even the most flawless of plans. Has stopped Ace Detective's coffee plan.
  • Pokemon - Troopah sends out Pokemon to fight for him.


"99.9% of all deaths happen because of Kotaro"


But, I'm immune to lasers!


  • Is commonly referred to as "Twoopy".
  • Is known to be both good and evil, depending on his mood that day.
  • Troopah is one of the few people who didn't start off their LPTPW career with "I win" but instead he said "lol".
  • Even though Troopah first joined the thread in May 2012, he didn't start actively posting until Summer 2012.
  • He only attacks people if they attack him first.
  • He likes trains.
  • He has yet to play the Gen 1 & 2 games of Pokemon.
  • Despite his first region being the Hoenn Region, he resides in the Unova Region.
  • On occasion, he sneaks around people's profiles.
  • He has tried to write a game review before but quit due to lack of patience.
  • He was a weakness of watermelons.