One of the many experiments brewing here.

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Yoshifan's Lab is where all of Yoshifan314's rays, gadgets, and devices come from. Formerly an abandoned warehouse on Alternate Reality Mars, Yoshifan found it on one of his many adventures and transformed it into a state-of-the-art building...for science! 

While nobody's been there for a while, Yoshifan continues to perform experiments and develop new weapons. 

Role in LPTPWEdit

Yoshifan's lab has played an integral role in Yoshifan's continuing defense of the multiverse; without weapons manufactured here, Yoshifan would probably be a slobbering idiot in Kotaro's Underworld right now. 

As the lab is Yoshifan's main base, Kotaro and his army have tried to destroy it countless times. To prepare, Yoshifan built up his defenses, Kotaro recruited more minions and acquired new powers, and the two duked it out for months until a stalemate finally occured.

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